Vinyl Fencing

Privacy Fence

When you install Unlimited Fencing’s Vinyl Privacy Fencing Systems, you can rest assured knowing you will enjoy the highest level of quality and privacy with minimal maintenance. We have several vinyl fence options to choose from, such as picket toppers, lattice models, scalloped designs, and much more. Made from 100% Virginia Vinyl.

Semi-Privacy Fence

Gives you just the right amount of seclusion, without complete isolation.  Pickets slide thru the routed rails for a true multidimensional look.

Horse Fence

We offer 2, 3, or 4 rail and Crossbuck vinyl horse fencing,  We also give you the option to electrify.

Pool Fence

We offer vinyl pool fencing options to suit all of your needs. Our vinyl finish features a unique manufacturing process that resists water, humidity, and many chemicals. Self-closing hinges and lockable 2-way latch.  Remember, our pool fencing is not only for around pools – it’s perfect for any yard!

Picket Fence

Our picket fences are “neighbor-friendly,” meaning they look the same from both sides. Picket fences add charm and beauty to your home and yard, and you can’t find any better quality fencing anywhere else.  Choose from four straight top picket fences in wide or narrow board styles. Or enjoy the elegance that the scallop-edged picket fence offers. The differences lie in the picket spacing.


We offer a variety of custom built gates.  Whether it be a single or double gate, we can size it to fit your needs.

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